E-Cell House Arrest Monitoring
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Our Products

Ankle BraceletE-Cell's new range of GPS based offender tracking systems offers a robust integration of GPS tracking, communication and mapping technologies to enable operators to effectively track offenders, anywhere, anytime at varying levels of intensity. All systems are operated of a single software platform and benefit from over a decade of field experience.

The E3 1TRACK system was designed specifically for offender monitoring operations, with security redundancies and anti-tamper means built-in across the platform, making the tracking systems trusted and reliable. The E3 1TRACK unit tracks offenders outdoors utilizing GPS technology and communicate the data via GPRS.

Each monitored offender is assigned a tracking unit which continuously tracks in real-time. The E3 1TRACK unit stores and processes the tracking data and communicates with the monitoring center or assigned officers to report locations or violations. Alerts are pre-set to individual schedules and zone restrictions.

E-Cell's communications center follows up on each violation to determine its level of severity.  If it is a Level One, high alert, E-Cell's 24/7 staff will contact designated personnel to report the violation.  If it is a low level violation, the event will be posted in the offender's file for observation by officials at their convenience.

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